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Another Evening with Fred Astaire PDF Print E-mail

Produced by: Bud Yorkin and Fred Astaire (executive)

Directed by: Bud Yorkin

Written by: Bud Yorkin


Fred Astaire
Barrie Chase
The Jonah Jones Quartet
Ken Nordine
Alvin Stoller
Bill Thompson Singers
The Hermes Pan Dancers
David Rose and his Orchestra

Production Company: Ava Productions

Premiere: November 4, 1959, NBC-TV

Synopsis: A one hour live television dance special.


P.J. Says:

Fred revolutionised television with his one hour dance specials. This is the second one, and it is even better than the first, if such a thing is possible. Barrie Chase and the Jonah Jones Quartet return, as do the Hermes Pan dancers. Added to the mix are Alvin Stoller, the Bill Thompson singers, and Ken Nordine, whose narration (and Fred and Barrie's performance) of "My Baby" is simply hilarious and a joy to watch. Lighting strikes twice- or is lighting in the bottle? Once again, simply terrific. As with the first, hunt it down and watch over and over.

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