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Produced by: Alfred Butt and Lee Ephraim with Alex A. Aarons and Vinton Freedley

Staged by: Felix Edwardes (book) and Bobby Connolly (dances)

Book by: Fred Thompson and Paul Gerard Smith

Music by: George Gershwin
Lyrics by: Ira Gershwin


Fred AstaireJimmy Reeve
Adele AstaireFrankie
Sydney HowardHerbert
Leslie HensenDugsie Gibbs
Berhard CliftonPeter Thurston
Rita PageDora
Renee GoddJune
John McNallyChester

Orchestra Conductor: Julian Jones

Also featuring: The D'Arcy Quartette, and Jacques Fray and Mario Braggiotti at the pianos

Premiere: November 8, 1928, Princes Theatre, London


Tryout: Empire Theatre, Liverpool, September 24, 1928

Total Performances (London): 267


  • Birthday Party
    Introduced by Rita Page, Renee Godd, and ensemble
  • Funny Face
    Introduced by Adele Astaire and Fred Astaire
  • High Hat
    Introduced by Fred Astaire and male chorus
  • S'Wonderful
    Introduced by Adele Astaire and Bernard Clifton
  • Let's Kiss And Make Up
    Introduced by Adele Astaire, Fred Astaire and emsemble
  • Finale, Act I
    Introduced by principles and emsemble
  • In The Swim (alternate titles "If You Will Take Our Tip"; "Opening, Act II")
    Introduced by female chorus
  • Imagination
    Music by Joseph Meyer
    Lyrics by Roger Wolfe Kahn
    Introduced by Adele Astaire and Bernard Clifton
  • Tell The Doc
    Introduced by Leslie Hensen and emsemble
  • My One And Only (published as "What Am I Gonna Do?")
    Introduced by Fred Astaire, Renee Godd and girls; reprised by Rita Page, Renee Godd and girls.
  • The Babbitt and the Bromide
    Introduced by Adele Astaire and Fred Astaire
Numbers Dropped Before London Opening:
 He Loves and She Loves

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