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Alternate Title: Smarty (working title)

Produced by: Alex A. Aarons and Vinton Freedley

Staged by: Edgar MacGregor (book) and Bobby Connolly (dances)

Book by: Fred Thompson and Paul Gerard Smith
(Smarty book by Fred Thompson and Robert Benchley)

Music by: George Gershwin
Lyrics by: Ira Gershwin


Fred AstaireJimmy Reeve
Adele AstaireFrankie
Victor MooreHerbert
William KentDugsie Gibbs
Allen KearnsPeter Thurston
Betty ComptonDora
Gertrude McDonaldJune
Earl HamptonChester

Orchestra Conductor: Alfred Newman

Also featuring: The Ritz Quartette, and Victor Arden and Phil Ohman at the pianos

Premiere: November 22, 1927, Alvin Theatre, New York

Synopsis: Jimmy Reeve is Frankie's guardian, and Herbert a bumbling jewel thief who makes off with Frankie's jewels.

Tryout: Under the titles Smarty and Funny Face, Shubert Theatre, Philadelphia, October 11, 1927; as Funny Face, Polis' Theatre, Washington, D.C., October 31, 1927; Nixon's Apollo Theatre, Atlantic City, November 7, 1927; Playhouse, Wilmington, November 14, 1927.

Total Performances (New York): 244


  • Birthday Party
    Introduced by Betty Compton, Gertrude McDonald, and ensemble
  • Funny Face
    Introduced by Adele Astaire and Fred Astaire
  • High Hat
    Introduced by Fred Astaire and male chorus
  • S'Wonderful
    Introduced by Adele Astaire and Allen Kearns
  • Let's Kiss And Make Up
    Introduced by Adele Astaire, Fred Astaire and emsemble
  • Finale, Act I
    Introduced by principles and emsemble
  • In The Swim
    Introduced by female chorus
  • He Loves And She Loves
    Introduced by Adele Astaire and Allen Kearns
  • Tell The Doc
    Introduced by William Kent and emsemble
  • My One And Only (published as "What Am I Gonna Do?")
    Introduced by Fred Astaire, Gertrude McDonald, Betty Compton, and girls.
  • The Babbitt and the Bromide
    Introduced by Adele Astaire and Fred Astaire
  • Blue Hullabaloo
    Introduced by Betty Compton. Gertrude McDonald and emsemble
    ( N.B. dropped soon after New York opening)

Numbers Dropped Before New York Opening:

  • Nut Dance (Instrumental)
  • Come! Come! Come Closer!
  • Aviator
  • When You're Single
  • Your Eyes! Your Smile! (alternate title "Those Eyes")
  • How Long Has This Been Going On? (reused in Rosalie)
  • The World Is Mine
  • Finest of the Finest
  • Dance Alone With You (alternate title "Why Does Ev'rybody Have To But In?"; music reused in Rosalie)
  • Acrobats
  • Bluebeard
  • Invalid Entrance
  • When The Right One Comes Along (music reused in Rosalie)

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