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The Nominees are.....

  1. Cyd Charisse, The Band Wagon, Silk Stockings

  2. Vera-Ellen, Three Little Words, The Belle of New York

  3. Rita Hayworth, You'll Never Get Rich, You Were Never Lovelier

  4. Ginger Rogers, Flying Down To Rio, The Gay Divorcee, Roberta, Top Hat, Follow The Fleet, Swing Time, Shall We Dance, Carefree, The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, and The Barkleys of Broadway

  5. Eleanor Powell, The Broadway Melody of 1940

And The Winner Is.....


Vera-Ellen Westmeyer Rohe is probably the best dancer you've never heard of. And even if you have seen Three Little Words or The Belle of New York, you probably might still not be a fan due to her poor acting skills. But, no matter what she did when the music stopped, no matter how wooden she was, no matter how good or bad her always-dubbed singing was- when the music started and she began to move, she mesmerised the screen in a way that only Fred could match.

Watch them together. Look at her dynamic tapping in the vaudevillian "Where Did You Get That Girl?", the incredible balletic movements in "Thinking Of You", the fluidity and the smoothness of "Nevertheless", the strength, zest and sheer joy of "Oops", the body language of "Baby Doll", and incredible flexibility of the "Belle of New York" reprise at the end of "Currier and Ives". On her own, she was just as good. "Come On Papa" has her bouncing off everyone and attempting maneuvers that make her look double jointed. "Naughty but Nice" shows off her range of motion in a confined space and has her moving her legs in and out of the six o'clock position.

No other partner of Fred's ever came close. Perhaps Ginger had a little bit more chemistry, but she was a primarily a Charleston dancer. Eleanor Powell may be the queen of tap, but her attempts at ballet (just watch "I Concentrate On You") leave much to be desired. Cyd Charisse was beautiful dynamite, but she never could hit a tap step to save her life. Rita Hayworth moved beautifully but never attempted anything bold. No one had Vera-Ellen's combination of range, power, strength and versatility.

For unparalleled dancing with Fred that lifted their two movies together from the average to the sublime, AlsoDances.Net awards the position of Fred's Best Dancing Partner to Vera-Ellen.

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