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The Nominees are.....

  1. Top Hat, Van Nest Polglase, Carroll Clark, Thomas Little

  2. The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, Van Nest Polglase, Perry Ferguson, Darrell Silvera

  3. Ziegfeld Follies, Cedric Gibbons, Jack Martin Smith, Lemuel Ayers, Merril Pye, Edwin B. Willis

  4. Yolanda and the Thief, Cedric Gibbons, Jack Martin Smith, Edwin B. Willis, Irene Sharaff

  5. Funny Face, Paris, Hal Pereira, George W. Davis, Sam Comer, Ray Moyer

And the Winner is.....

Top Hat, Van Nest Polglase, Carroll Clark, Thomas Little

The spirit of the Fred and Ginger movies would have been very different without the opulent art deco sets that they danced upon, and "Top Hat" is without a doubt the most representative of the luxury that spilled from the screen to take viewers away from the Great Depression and into the fantasy world where men danced like Fred and women looked like Ginger.

From "The Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Book" by Arlene Croce:

The studio decided to shoot the works. Two adjoining sound stages were flung open, a winding canal was built across both of them, and this was spanned by two staircase bridges at one end and a flat bridge at the other. It is across the latter bridge that Astaire dances Rogers in "Cheek to Cheek." "The Piccolino" takes place around the bend on the main piazza, a giant stage sheathed in red bakelite. The set was the Lido as seen as one huge gleaming fairground, with dance floors, balconies, and restaurants on terraces. It was built to the second story and painted in candy-cane colours. The water was dyed black. . . . The Venetian interiors were similarly improbable: bedrooms the size of concert halls, with satin furnishings that scream Hollywood. The designers were trying to exaggerate, trying to be artificial, and they succeeded.

Honourable mention: "This Heart Of Mine", Ziegfeld Follies; "Coffee Time", Yolanda and the Thief.

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