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AlsoDances.Net, formerly FredAstaire.Net, is one fan's attempt at creating the most comprehensive web site dedicated to the greatest entertainer of the 20th Century, Fred Astaire.

This website is in no way authorised by or connected with the estate of Fred Astaire, Robyn Smith Astaire, Ava Astaire McKenzie, Fred Astaire, Jr., or Peter Potter.

The views and opinions expressed within this site are those of the specified authors.

Comments or suggestions are welcomed. 


Thanks to the Fred Astaire Mailing List, especially Jay H., Terry P., Gary S., Maureen S., The Ace, Michael R. and Susan Z., plus all those who contributed in one way or another to this site. You guys are the greatest!

Thank you to David Melford for information about his father Austin Melford, prolific writer of plays, sketches, screenplays, and lyrics.

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