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  1. The Wedding Cake Act

  2. The Wedding Cake Act - Revised

  3. Musicale

  4. A Rainy Saturday

  5. New Songs And Smart Dances

Broadway/West End

  1. Over the Top

  2. The Passing Show of 1918

  3. Apple Blossoms

  4. The Love Letter

  5. For Goodness Sake

  6. The Bunch and Judy

  7. Stop Flirting (London run of "For Goodness Sake")

  8. Lady, Be Good! (New York)

  9. Lady, Be Good! (London)

  10. Funny Face (New York)

  11. Funny Face (London)

  12. Smiles

  13. The Band Wagon

  14. The Gay Divorce (New York)

  15. The Gay Divorce (London)


The Musicals

  1. Dancing Lady

  2. Flying Down To Rio

  3. The Gay Divorcee

  4. Roberta

  5. Top Hat

  6. Follow The Fleet

  7. Swing Time

  8. Shall We Dance

  9. Damsel In Distress

  10. Carefree

  11. The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle

  12. Second Chorus

  13. The Broadway Melody of 1940

  14. You'll Never Get Rich

  15. Holiday Inn

  16. You Were Never Lovelier

  17. The Sky's The Limit

  18. Yolanda And The Thief

  19. The Ziegfeld Follies

  20. Blue Skies

  21. Easter Parade

  22. The Barkleys Of Broadway

  23. Three Little Words

  24. Let's Dance

  25. Royal Wedding

  26. The Belle Of New York

  27. The Bandwagon

  28. Daddy Long Legs

  29. Funny Face

  30. Silk Stockings

  31. Finian's Rainbow


  1. On the Beach

  2. The Pleasure Of His Company

  3. The Notorious Landlady

  4. Midas Run

  5. The Towering Inferno

  6. The Amazing Dobermans

  7. Un Taxi Mauve (The Purple Taxi)

  8. Ghost Story

Made for Television

  1. The Over-The-Hill Gang Rides Again

  2. Santa Claus is Comin' To Town

  3. The Easter Bunny Is Comin' To Town

  4. A Family Upside Down

  5. The Man In The Santa Claus Suit


  1. David L. Wolper Presents: Hollywood- The Great Stars (Archive footage)

  2. The Movies (Hosts)

  3. That's Entertainment! (Narrator)

  4. Fred Astaire Salutes The Fox Musicals (Host)

  5. The Academy Presents Oscar's Greatest Music (Archive footage)

  6. That's Entertainment! Part II (Narrator)

  7. 'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous, 'S Gershwin (Interviewee)

  8. Fred Astaire: Puttin' On His Top Hat/ Fred Astaire: Change Partners And Dance (Interviewee)

  9. Gotta Dance, Gotta Sing (Archive footage)

  10. George Stevens: A Filmmaker's Journey (Interviewee)

  11. That's Dancing! (Archive footage)

  12. Hollywood- The Golden Years: The RKO Story (Interviewee)

  13. You're The Top: The Cole Porter Story (Archive Soundtrack)

  14. The Fred Astaire Songbook (Archive footage)

  15. Audrey Hepburn Remembered (Archive footage)

  16. That's Entertainment! III (Archive footage)

  17. Legends of Entertainment (Archive footage)


  1. Paris When It Sizzles

  2. Imagine


Award Shows

  1. The Annual Academy Awards

  2. The Annual Emmy Awards

  3. The Steve Allen Plymouth Show

  4. The Kennedy Center Honors

  5. A Salute To Fred Astaire

  6. A Salute To Gene Kelly

Chat Shows

  1. Person To Person

  2. The Oscar Levant Show

  3. Hollywood Diary

  4. The Dick Cavett Show

  5. The Merv Griffin Show

  6. The Michael Parkinson Show (with Ava Astaire-McKenzie)

  7. Dinah!

  8. The Michael Douglas Show- A Salute to That's Entertainment! Part II

  9. The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

  10. 20/20

  11. Today Show

Dramatic Series

  1. Toast of the Town

  2. Imp on a Cobweb Leash

  3. Man on a Bicycle

  4. Fred Astaire's Alcoa Premiere Theatre

  5. Think Pretty

  6. The Hollywood Palace

  7. Dr. Kildare

  8. It Takes a Thief

  9. Battlestar Galactica: The Man with Nine Lives


  1. The Ed Sullivan Show

  2. An Evening With Fred Astaire

  3. Another Evening With Fred Astaire

  4. Astaire Time

  5. The Fred Astaire Show

Made For Television Movies (See Above)


  1. Dancing on Air

  2. What's My Line?

  3. I've Got A Secret

  4. Peter Potter's Juke Box Jury

  5. Wide World Of Entertainment (the Premiere of That's Entertainment!)

  6. Commercials
    • Home Savings and Loan
    • Dirt Devi


    1. Lucky Strike Hit Parade

    2. The Packard Hour

    3. 13 part BBC Documentary

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