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Directed by: Yves Boisset


Charlotte RamplingSharon
Philippe NoiretPhillip
Peter UstinovTaubleman
Agostina BelliAnne Taubelman
Edward AlbertJerry
Fred AstaireDoctor Scully
Jack WatsonSean
Mairin D. O'SullivanColleen

Produced by: Peter Lawley and Hugo Lodrini

Written by: Yves Boisset and Michel Déon

Original Music by: Philippe Sarde

Cinematographer: Tonino Delli Colli

Production Company: National Film Studios of Ireland, Rizzoli Films, Sofracima, Sphinx Films, and TF1 Films Productions

Premiere: 25 May 1977

Synopsis (from VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever 2001): Romantic Drama revolving around several wealthy foreigners who have taken refuge in beautiful southern Ireland. From Michel Déon's bestselling novel. (2½ out of 4)

Review by Kenneth French:

If you happen to find this out-of-print video, you'll see a big photo of Fred smiling out at you from the box. This might lead you to think that Fred is the main character. Alas, his scenes are few and far between. The movie concerns a Frenchman living in Western Ireland and his relationships with a visiting American man and his sister. Fred pops in now and then as the local Irish doctor, who is checking on the apparently ill main character. Though Fred's Irish accent comes and goes (sort of like in FINIAN'S RAINBOW), he is utterly charming and gives the film its only life. Worth seeing once for Fred and for the beautiful Irish scenery.

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