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aka A Run On Gold (UK Title)

Directed by: Alf Kjellin


Fred Astaire


John Pedley

Richard Crenna


Mike Warden

Anne Heywood


Sylvia Giroux

Ralph Richardson



Cesar Romero



Adolfo Celi



Produced by: Raymond Stross

Written by: Ronald Austin, James Buchanan, and Berne Giler

Original Music by: Elmer Bernstein

Cinematographer: Kenneth Higgins

Production Company: American Broadcasting Corporation and Selmur Productions

Premiere: 7 May 1969

Synopsis: Astaire does a Bondian turn as a British Secret Service Officer plotting a daring gold heist in this routine caper film. Astaire is peerless as the lead. Also features a brief appearance by Fred Astaire, Jr.

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