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Directed by: Richard Quine


Kim NovakCarlyle Hardwicke
Jack LemmonWilliam Gridley
Fred AstaireFranklyn Ambruster
Lionel JeffriesInspector Oliphant
Estelle WinwoodMrs. Dunhill
Maxwell ReedMiles Hardwicke
Philippa BevansMrs. Brown
Henry DaniellStranger
Ronald LongCoroner
Doris LloydLady Fallott

Produced by: Fred Kohlmar

Written by: Blake Edwards, Larry Gelbart and Margery Sharp

Words and Music by: George Duning, Ira Gershwin, George Gershwin, Arthur Sullivan and William S. Gilbert

Cinematographer: Arthur E. Arling

Production Company: Columbia Pictures

Premiere: 26 June 1962

Synopsis: Lemmon is an American diplomat in London, seen regularly around town with Novak, who, it's rumoured, killed her husband. Astaire is Lemmon's disapproving superior who orders Lemmon to spy on her but is later also won over by her charms. Hilarity ensues when the supposedly-dead husband returns.

P.J. says:

Not seen this one. Kim Novak's good to look at but her acting skills don't exactly excite me. George Lemmon is usually funny. Fred, of course, is always worth watching.

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