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The Pleasure Of His Company PDF Print E-mail

Directed by: George Seaton


Fred AstaireBiddeford 'Pogo' Poole
Debbie ReynoldsJessica Poole
Lilli PalmerKatharine Dougherty
Tab HunterRoger Henderson
Gary MerrillJames Dougherty
Charles RugglesMackenzie Savage
Harold FongToy
Elvia AllmanMrs. Mooney

Produced by: William Perlberg

Written by: Cornelia Otis Skinner and Samuel A. Taylor

Original Music by: Alfred Newman

Cinematographer: Robert Burks

Production Company: Paramount Pictures

Premiere: 8 May, 1961

Synopsis: Astaire is an international playboy who returns home when his grown-up daughter is about to get married. Trying to make up for lost time, he being meddling in the wedding.

P.J. says:

Haven't seen this one, but Fred is reportedly delightful as a charming cad. Most people I know enjoy this movie.

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