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On the Beach PDF Print E-mail

Directed by: Stanley Kramer


Gregory Peck


Dwight Towers

Ava Gardner


Moira Davidson

Fred Astaire


Julian Osborne

Anthony Perkins


Peter Holmes

Donna Anderson


Mary Holmes

John Tate


Admiral Bridie

Produced by: Stanley Kramer

Written by: Nevil Shute (Novel), John Paxton, James Lee Barrett

Cinematographer: Daniel L. Fapp (auto race), Giuseppe Rotunno

Production Company: United Artists

Premiere: December 17, 1959 (Simultaneous in 18 cities)

Synopsis (from VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever 2001): A group of survivors attempt to live normal lives in post-apocalyptic Australia, waiting for the inevitable arrival of killer radiation. Astaire is strong in his dramatic role. Though scientifically implausible, still a good anti-war vehicle. Based on the best-selling novel by Nevil Shute. (3½ out of 4)

P.J. says:

I haven't seen this movie yet. I have it on DVD, but I hear it's *really* depressing, so I'm saving it. Still, the consensus seems to be that Fred is excellent in this movie.

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