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Welcome to the Best of Fred, where in the fashion of the Academy Awards, I pick the cream of Fred's crop. These awards are not meant to be definitive, but meant to provoke, to make you think, evaluate, and to hopefully make you appreciate my choices and better yet, go back and watch a few of Fred's movies again. I've tried to include as many categories as possible, but in some I probably not am qualified to judge. If you are, and wish to express a differing opinion, please write me and let me know!

Also, I've only covered the movie musicals. This is not because the other movies/shows are in any way not as good or important as the musicals, but because the movie musicals is the only area I feel familiar enough to judge.

Of course, the only category you won't find here is that of Best Actor. We know who that is!

The Categories:

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Best Actress in a non-Singing or Dancing Supporting Role

Best Score

Best Set Design

Best Solo Dance Routine

Best Partnered Dance Routine

Best Choreography

Special Awards

Technical Awards

Best Partner (Dancing)

Best Partner (Acting)

Best Overall Partner

Best Director

Best Musical Picture

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