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(27 August 2002)

Holiday Inn Diamond Edition DVD Update

Work has been completed on the DVD, which will be released in the UK on 2nd December. No USA release is planned as yet. Universal are also releasing a CD to supplement the DVD. This will feature ALL the songs from "Holiday Inn"(1942) and "White Christmas" (1954). This CD will include, for the first time ever on CD, Fred's Decca version of "Let's Say It With Firecrackers" from the Los Angeles session of May 27,1942!

(round of applause)

The DVD will contain the following "extras"

1.  Audio Commentary by producer Ken Barnes and including archive audio comments from Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby (recorded in California in 1974 for an award-winning radio series "The Crosby Years")

2.  "A Couple of Song and Dance Men" - Ava Astaire McKenzie in conversation with Ken Barnes. A 45-minute featurette in which Fred's daughter and KB discuss the twin careers of Crosby and Astaire. This includes Ava reading from letters written by Fred to his wife while touring Europe in 1944.

3. "All-Singing All-Dancing" BEFORE & AFTER.  A 7-minute featurette tracing the technological presentation of singing and dancing on film - with a demonstration of how the number "I'll Capture Your Heart" was recorded and filmed.

4. Production Background

5. Cast & Crew Profiles

6. Moving Menus

7. Scene Access - with animated chapters.

8. New Digitally Mastered print with the soundtrack in Dolby Digital 2-channel mono.

It is hoped that the DVD will receive a special launch at the National Film Theatre in London to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the film and of the song "White Christmas" (the biggest hit record of all time).

In related news, Hofstra University in New York are hosting a three-day Conference dedicated to BING CROSBY AND AMERICAN CULTURE in November 2002. This will involve some 50 papers covering every aspect of Bing's many contributions to culture - as a singer, actor, sportsman, businessman, technological entrepreneur and media personality.

One of the subjects will be his friendship and association with Fred Astaire.  The conference takes place on November 14,15 and 16. Ken Barnes shall be attending as one of the guest speakers and Ava Astaire McKenzie will also be there as special guest for the Astaire section.

(27 July 2002)

New Review

Fred Astaire: A Bio-Bibliography

by Larry Billman

The most authoritative book ever published about Fred Astaire. . . For anybody with more than a casual passing interest in Fred, this book is a must.

(25 June 02)

AlsoDances.Net Exclusive: Special Diamond Anniversary Edition DVD of Holiday Inn on the way!

Ken Barnes, the producer of the fantastic Royal Wedding and Second Chorus DVDs, is now working on a Special Diamond Anniversary Edition DVD of Holiday Inn for Universal. Extras on the DVD will include a special interview with Ava Astaire-McKenzie, a featurette entitled "A Couple Of Song And Dance Men", as well as possibly exclusive interview footage of Fred and Bing done in the early 1970s by a Canadian broadcaster and maybe even some of the famously elusive rehearsal pre-recordings from the original Paramount sessions (BEFORE Fred added the taps)! In addition, there may even be broadcast material from the period of the film and a photo gallery and trailer. No release date has been announced.

(22 June 02) 

Fred in Time.com

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of his passing, Richard Corliss writes a reflective piece on Fred Astaire. 

(10 May 02) 

Fred's 103rd: May 10, 2002

"Remember the words of the poet John Milton--words that could have been written for Fred Astaire: 'Grace was in all his steps, heaven in his eye, and in every gesture, dignity and love.'"

--George Stevens, Jr., at the AFI Tribute to Fred Astaire

(20 Apr 02) AlsoDances.Net Radio

AlsoDances.Net radio is now live! Webmaster/DJ PJ spins Fred tunes and talks Fred trivia. 

(7 Apr 02) New Lyrics Section

The lyrics section has been revamped and split into two sections: by title and by composer

(28 March, 2002) Happy Birthday Phyllis Ava Astaire

Happy Birthday to Ava Astaire Mackenzie, Fred's only daughter, born on March 28, who turns... well, let's just say that it is a milestone number!

(24 March, 2002) Fred Astaire at the Oscars®!

Fred Astaire made an appearance at the 2002 Academy Awards, part of a montage projected on the huge screen at the back of the stage as the Cirque du Soleil performed a tribute to special effects. It's always good to see recognition given to a man who personifies entertainment at its best. Fred in his lifetime won one Oscar® and was nominated for another.

More information on Fred's Oscars®

(22 February 2002) Greeting Cards

Send one to someone you care about! Feedback about the greeting cards is especially welcome. 

(October 2001) Fred Astaire Mailing List Exclusive: Glimpse of the rare Widescreen Daddy Long Legs
A widescreen avi movie of "Something's Gotta Give" available exclusively for Fred Astaire Mailing List members. Join now and then visit the mailing list bookmarks!

(September 2001) Review: The Laureate Collection DVDs
... they both look and sound superb, especially considering the versions of RW and SC that we've been looking at all these years...  Read More...

(August 2001) Gee, That's Swell!
The Internet Web Guide Magazine features us in their August 2001 edition.

(29 July 2001) Zippy The Pinhead loves Fred Astaire
Two new Zippy the Pinhead cartoon strips featuring Fred are online.

(27 July 2001) Get your own Fred Astaire T-shirt! Fred was the first entertainer to be named to America's Ten Best Dressed Men list. Now you can impart some of his style to your wardrobe!

(26 July 2001) Thanks to all the well-wishes during my illness. I'm not fully recovered, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things and I will be starting work on this website again soon.

(27 June 2001) Regrettably, due to illness this site will not be updated for a while. Still, there's a lot here, so do look around and enjoy. After that, come back in a month or two!

(11 June 2001) mp3s of Astairable Fred are now available on this website, thanks to members of the Fred Astaire Mailing List. Download them and read about the whole saga that led to their availability.

(10 June 2001) The webmaster is taking a short sabbatical until the end of the month. [I have a life, y'know! - PJ] As such, the site will not be updated, apart from extra-ordinary events, until around 25th June or so. He'll still be available to answer questions and such via the feedback page. Still, there's a lot here to enjoy, so dig away!

(2 June 2001) Congratulations to Terry Pearson, winner of the AlsoDances.Net Test Your FredQ! contest, and to Amy Spindler, winner of the random draw. Results. Thank you to everyone who participated! If you missed the contest, you can still try the quiz (but no prizes, sorry!)

(1 June 2001) The contest is now over. Thank you to everyone who participated! Check the results and see who won the copies of A Family Upside Down! If you missed the contest, you can still try the quiz (but no prizes, sorry!)

(28 May 2001) AlsoDances.Net is experiencing some server problems, so until we get it fixed the updates and improvements to the site are suspended. We apologise for the inconvenience. Feel free to email the webmaster if you have any queries!

This site was selected as one of the About.com Classic Movies' "Best New Links" for the week of March 14, 2001.

(May 10, 2001) Fred's 102nd Birthday, and the site's official launch!

(April 24, 2001) Jack Haley, Jr., producer, director and writer of That's Entertainment! has passed away. IMDB Info page. Read Obituaries: MSNBC CNN (Links open in new windows)

(April 23, 2001) Fred Astaire- A Daughter's Tribute commemorative CD has been released

The nice people at the Internet Scout Project selected AlsoDances.Net to appear in the April 20, 2001 edition of the Internet Scout Report.

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