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We at AlsoDances.Net strive to be as helpful and as accurate as possible.

Before writing in, please check the FAQ to see if your questions have already been answered. Please also search the website (use the search box above). 90% of the inquiries we get already have answers on the website, and because of the vast number of inquiries, in all likelihood we will ignore an inqury which can be answered by looking through the website.

You will also likely receive an answer more quickly if you write to the Fred Astaire Mailing List or post on the Discussion Forums.

Failing all that, you can send in an inquiry using the form below. Feel free to also write in with suggestions, comments, corrections or additions to our data. We get a lot of email through this form, as well as a lot of spam, so please forgive us if we do not reply right away (or at all- our spam filters are quite zealous).

Thank you!

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