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Songs Recorded By Fred Astaire

Not Released on Compact Disc

This is a list of recordings by Fred not available on CD. All are available on LP unless stated. This list is created by Terry Pearson.

Update, January 2002: The alternate take of "My One And Only" from 4 December 1928, and previously believed to be released only on a 78rpm record, has been found on the CD album, "A Portrait of Fred Astaire." It is for the most part identical to the widely available take, but differs only in the tap solos, which were probably improvised. 

  1. Lovely To Look At (film soundtrack)
  2. Lovely To Look At/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (film soundtrack)
  3. Love Of My Life (Russian reprise) (film soundtrack)
  4. The Jolly Tar And The Milkmaid (film soundtrack)
  5. Put Me To The Test (film soundtrack)
  6. Hoe Down The Bayou (film soundtrack)
  7. Shootin’ The Works For Uncle Sam (film soundtrack)
  8. Let’s Say It With Firecrackers (un-issued)
  9. A Lot In Common With You (film soundtrack)
  10. My Shining Hour (film soundtrack)
  11. Can’t Stop Talking (film soundtrack)
  12. Jack And The Beanstalk (film soundtrack)
  13. Oh Them Dudes (film soundtrack)
  14. Tunnel Of Love (film soundtrack)
  15. I Won’t Dance (1955 – as Astaire Story - only on LP)
  16. They Can’t Take That Away From Me (1955 – as Astaire Story - only on LP)
  17. Change Partners (1958 – An Evening With Fred Astaire - TV)
  18. The Afterbeat (1959 – Another Evening With Fred Astaire - TV)
  19. That Face (1959 – Another Evening With Fred Astaire - TV)
  20. Night Train (1959 – Another Evening With Fred Astaire - TV)
  21. Dearly Beloved (1959? – with Columbia Studio Orchestra)
  22. How Are Things In Gloccamorra? (film soundtrack)
  23. If This Isn’t Love (film soundtrack)
  24. Look To The Rainbow (film soundtrack)
  25. When The Idle Poor Become The Idle Rich (film soundtrack)
  26. Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town (TV soundtrack)
  27. What Better Way To Tell You (TV soundtrack)
  28. ‘S Wonderful (Medley) (1972 – TV version)
  29. Embraceable You/Finale (1972 – TV version)
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